Towards an Agenda for Sustainable Peace: Lessons from Other Countries in Conflict - A Discussion

Past Event Juba Regency Hotel, Juba, South Sudan Inclusive Growth

In August 2015, the South Sudanese Government and the the rebel forces signed a peace agreement to end a civil war that had engulfed the country since December 2013. Now the pieces have to be put in place to ensure the peace holds and that the world's newest country can embark on a path of economic growth and development. The presentation by Dr Richard Newfarmer, Country Director for IGC South Sudan, examined how other countries emerging from conflict have managed to escape violence, restore confidence and transform institutions, thereby creating a virtuous cycle. This presentation formed the basis for a lively discussion among participants of the potential avenues that the new Transitional Government of National Unity in South Sudan can pursue to place the country on a path to peace and prosperity.