How to apply

The IGC issues a regular call for proposals. The current call for proposals is closed, but details on future calls will be published soon.

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If you are interested in applying for funding at the IGC, please follow these steps:

  1. Review the IGC research priorities page to see if your proposed topic fits with the IGC research agenda. Please review the IGC Research Strategy, which lays out the core research questions and priorities within our four themes. For a review of the literature on those themes and associated gaps, we also include draft ‘Evidence Papers’ for each of our four themes: firms, trade, and productivity; state effectiveness; cities; and energy and environment. Proposals will be graded on their degree of alignment with IGC research priorities. We also encourage you to review the country research priorities for the country you wish to conduct research in.
  2. Read the guidelines for applicants to help you complete your application. This guide contains useful information covering budgets and remuneration, project deliverables, and grant management. Please refer to it carefully as you fill out your application.
  3. Fill in the IGC proposal form and the budget template. If you are a researcher that is unaffiliated with an institution, you will also need to fill out the Research Assistant form. Please note that the IGC will only accept applications from unaffiliated researchers on an exceptional basis. Applications without budgetary information will not be considered for funding. Ensure that you use the latest version of the forms provided.
  4. Save the IGC proposal form as a Word document and the budget template as an Excel document. Submissions in other formats will not be considered. Hard copies will not be accepted.
  5. Send the completed IGC proposal form and detailed budget breakdown to by 11:59pm GMT on 12th February 2020. Late applications will not be considered.


Proposal form

Budget template

Project proposal – research assistant form

Important documents:

IGC Evidence paper – Firms, trade, and productivity (Draft)

IGC Evidence paper – State effectiveness (Draft)

IGC Evidence paper – Cities (Draft)

IGC Evidence paper – Energy and environment (Draft)

IGC Research strategy

IGC Country research priorities

Funding decisions will be made in March 2020, with applicants notified in April 2020.

Guidelines for applicants

Please read our ‘Guidelines for applicants’ if you are considering applying for IGC research funding.


Can we submit a proposal for countries or theme outside of IGC priorities?

Proposals that align with a specific IGC country’s areas of focus but are not directly tied into an IGC research theme will not be discounted. Likewise, proposals that involve one of IGC’s four research themes (state, firms, energy, and cities) but are not directly tied into a country’s area of focus will also be considered for funding.

Do we need prior engagement with the respective IGC country team and stakeholders?

Prior engagement is not a requirement, but the proposal is more likely to be successful if it responds to policy demands in the country selected. The IGC strongly recommends researchers submitting country-focused research to discuss their proposals with the relevant IGC partner country team.  Proposals supported by the IGC partner country team have a higher probability of success. Country teams can also facilitate dialogue between researchers and policymakers. Researchers should contact the country teams for more information. Contact information for country teams can be found on our country webpages.

We are applying for other sources of funding, or have already received other funds. Is it still possible to apply?

Yes. The IGC encourages applicants to indicate budget priorities in their proposals. In the event that the IGC is unable to fund the entire project; it will then be easier to identify which modules are essential. Applicants who have secured or aim to secure other funding are also welcome to apply for only partial funding for their project from the IGC. In this scenario, applicants should make clear what proportion of overall funding for the project is being requested from IGC, and which proposed milestones will trigger IGC payments.

In which currency is the award made?

The award is made in Great British Pound sterling (GBP).

Are there any budgetary limitations on proposals?

While there is no set guideline for funding amount, the IGC generally approves projects in the £5,000 – £150,000 window. The average value commissioned is about £50,000.