Green production potential

Data visualisation Cities, Sustainable Growth and Cities that Work

These two visual maps highlight the green production potential of African and South Asian countries.

Notes: This index measures, in relative terms, how much potential a country has to diversify into green, more complex products in the future (ranking ranges from 1—best positioned—to 122). This potential is based on the connectedness and complexity of products it is not yet competitive in. In other words, it shows which countries in Africa and South Asia are relatively most ready to leverage more complex, green GVCs in global trade. In Africa, it shows that South Africa, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda all have relatively high potential, with the latter rising significantly in recent years. In South Asia, it shows that India has one of the leading global green production potentials, with Sri Lanka and Pakistan also relatively far ahead. Grey indicates data unavailable. More information for application can be found at

Source: Data from (Mealy and Teytelboym 2022).