Mphatso Kumwenda

Mphatso Kumwenda is a Country Economist for IGC Rwanda. She holds an MSc in Applied Economics from the University of Strathclyde. Prior to joining the IGC, Mphatso worked with the Fraser of Allander Institute conducting research on economic policy response in crisis, particularly the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of the policy action on the UK economy. Mphatso has also worked with various health organisations monitoring effectiveness and efficiency of project implementation and resource allocation in health as well as evaluating impact of various health programs. Mphatso’s research interests include: poverty, inequality, human capital development and state effectiveness.

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    Climate priorities: Challenges and opportunities for e-waste in Rwanda

    Growth in use and obsolescence of electronic goods results in e-waste which poses significant health and environmental risks, requiring wide-ranging solutions. There is a sustained global increase in the manufacturing, demand, and usage of electronics and electronic equipment. Simultaneously, the resulting electronic waste (e-waste) generated from obsolete and discarded...

    9 Nov 2022 | Mphatso Kumwenda