Research priorities

The IGC’s research focuses on sustainable growth policies in developing countries. Sustainable growth refers to countries developing their potential in an inclusive way that improves social, environmental, and economic well-being for all, including for future generations.

As countries turn their focus from the COVID-19 response to COVID-19 recovery, IGC is working with our partners in government, and more broadly, to put sustainable and inclusive growth at the core of ‘building back better’. It is increasingly clear that creating jobs, raising incomes and reducing poverty must go hand in hand with efforts to increase resilience to climate shocks and to accelerate the decarbonisation of energy supply and production to ensure that growth is truly sustainable. Adaptation to climate change is crucial to building resilience and lowering risk, whilst mitigation through low-carbon growth pathways is essential to ensuring the well-being of future generations.

We are particularly interested in projects that address these issues through one of our four themes (outlined below), all of which play a crucial role in building resilience and promoting sustainable growth.

Firms, trade, and productivity – Increasing productivity through structural changes in firms’ capabilities, the functioning of markets, and how firms interact with world markets.

State effectiveness – Escaping fragility and improving the capabilities and effectiveness of states to deliver higher rates of sustainable growth.

Cities – Making cities more productive, sustainable, and inclusive while addressing the downsides of density. 

Energy and environment – Improving access to reliable energy and developing strategies to mitigate and adapt to global and local externalities from energy consumption.

For a more detailed research agenda for each theme, please see the IGC Research Strategy and our country research priorities. We strongly encourage you to review these as you put your ideas for research together, and then reach out to the relevant team so they can review your ideas and help provide access to data.

For a review of the literature on each of our four themes of research, see our ‘Evidence Papers’ for each of our four themes: state, firms, energy, and cities.