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    Can the world afford an increase in Africa’s share of global emissions?

    Despite contributing the least to climate change, many African countries experience the brunt of its impacts, yet they may have to increase their share of global emissions whilst targeting climate change adaptation. The UN Secretary-General characterises the main hurdle preventing collective and decisive climate action as a climate of mistrust. Beyond this mistrust, there...

    7 Dec 2022 | James Dzansi

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    Peace or conflict? The impact of private investment in African countries

    Private investments can ameliorate or exacerbate conflict in fragile countries depending on the extent to which they are subtractive or additive to the local capital stock. Private sector involvement in peacebuilding processes has been promoted and aided since the early 2000s, especially by multilateral agencies. Evidence of this interest is traceable in official...

    5 Dec 2022 | Tommaso Sonno, Davide Zufacchi

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    Industrialising Africa: Why China’s investments matter for Africa

    Many African countries remain in search of structural transformation and Chinese resources and experience could be a significant contributor to industrial development on the continent. Since the onset of the China-Africa debate, focus has been on the consequent opportunities and challenges for African development, and particularly, for industrialisation. Scholars not only...

    30 Nov 2022 | Linda Calabrese

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    Industrialising Africa: The transformative potential of infrastructure

    Infrastructure is key for economic growth, impacting productivity and integration in global markets. These are both crucial to industrial advancement and connectivity in Africa. Good infrastructure contributes to economic growth by reducing costs and facilitating more efficient use of productive inputs. As such,rarely embark on economic development without first...

    28 Nov 2022 | Marco Sanfilippo

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    Industrialising Africa: The role of services

    Services play an increasingly large role in industrialisation and growth. In Africa, services, including intra-regional services trade, must be emphasised in industrialisation policy going forward. Africa has the opportunity to use the services sector to orient growth in a more sustainable and balanced way, as was in Asia, Europe, and North America earlier. The...

    23 Nov 2022 | Ben Shepherd

  • Blog post

    Industrialising Africa: Anchoring climate adaptation and the AfCFTA

    Industrialisation in African countries must balance development needs with two emerging priorities – climate adaptation and regional trade. Industrialisation strategies can uniquely coalesce these priorities, as has been done in countries like Morocco and Ethiopia. African countries can shape their industrialisation strategies to anchor broader climate and trade...

    21 Nov 2022 | Jonathan Said, Kartik Akileswaran, Jonathan Mazumdar

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    Climate priorities: Lessons for flood risk mitigation in Pakistan

    For millions of devastated people, the response to Pakistan’s unprecedented flooding came too late. Learning from this is essential to averting and mitigating future crises. Pakistan is all too familiar with floods and droughts. The country, however, has recently been facing increasingly devastating climate disasters. Unprecedented floods in between June and September...

    16 Nov 2022 | Hina Shaikh

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    Climate priorities: Tackling climate governance in India

    Addressing climate change through policy may not be enough. Legislation around climate can ensure economy-wide outcomes. Broader political context will also need to be considered, in India as in the rest of the world, while drawing laws to ensure that both environmental and development objectives are met.  India has a growing edifice of climate policy, but climate...

    14 Nov 2022 | Navroz Dubash, Anirudh Sridhar

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    Climate priorities: Challenges and opportunities for e-waste in Rwanda

    Growth in use and obsolescence of electronic goods results in e-waste which poses significant health and environmental risks, requiring wide-ranging solutions. There is a sustained global increase in the manufacturing, demand, and usage of electronics and electronic equipment. Simultaneously, the resulting electronic waste (e-waste) generated from obsolete and discarded...

    9 Nov 2022 | Mphatso Kumwenda

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    Climate priorities: Health and environmental impacts of brick kilns in Bangladesh

    Brick kilns are a major source of air pollution in Bangladeshi cities. Not only do they pose serious health and pollution risks, but also contribute to widespread labour rights violations. Research and policy should focus on identifying feasible alternatives to bricks and strict monitoring of the industry.  The fundamental component of construction, bricks and brick...

    7 Nov 2022 | Ashfaqul Chowdhury