The IGC, through the State Fragility initiative, has been engaged in Yemen since August 2020. During this time, we’ve worked closely with the Executive Bureau for the Acceleration of Aid Absorption and Support for Policy Reforms, located in the Prime Minister’s Office in Aden, and have facilitated consultations on key economic issues with parties to the conflict and independent experts.

The State Fragility initiative has been engaged in Yemen since August 2020. Priority areas include providing technical assistance and research capacity to the Executive Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office (of the Internationally Recognised Government in Aden) in key areas of economic policy reform, notably electricity sector reform, telecommunications sector reform, and macroeconomic stabilisation.

SFi is also supporting key stakeholders to the UN-led peace process in Yemen by conducting consultations and producing in-depth reports on key economic issues relevant to the peace process, including payment of civil servant salaries, fuel imports through Hodeidah port, and the development of an economic track to the peace process. Consultations have involved a wide range of stakeholders including the parties to the conflict, private sector entities, Yemeni and international academics, experts and practitioners, and international actors, including the UN Office of the Special Envoy, FCDO Yemen, and the European Union.

SFi’s work in Yemen receives financial support from FCDO Yemen.


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