Sierra Leone

The IGC Sierra Leone program started in 2010 and focuses on the issues of trade, governance, health, and agriculture.


IGC Sierra Leone Programme

3rd Floor, IPAM, 4 George Street
Freetown, Sierra Leone


The country programme covers three broad strategies: (a) conduct literature reviews in a subject area; (b) cater to policy research requests from government; (c) workshops – to disseminate the literature and recommendations from research papers, exchange views on potential lessons, and discuss of the implications for future policy making in Sierra Leone.

In 2014, the programme moved to its current location at the Centre of Policy Studies at the University of Sierra Leone. Through this partnership, the IGC team has responded to research demands by engaging international experts and researchers to produce a series of cutting edge policy research both in terms of rigorous evaluation projects and rapid response notes encompassing all the thematic area of focus in Sierra Leone — state capabilities, agriculture, and governance. Going forward, the Sierra Leone programme aims to forge deep partnership with the Sierra Leone Agriculture Research Institute (SLARI), Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Freetown City Council, and the Central Bank to address the many pressing challenges and informing policymakers with best tools.

The Sierra Leone Country Strategy Note is available here.