Upcoming events

  • Firms, trade and development conference

    27 October 2017

    IGC, the Center for Development Economics and Policy (CDEP), and the Jerome A. Chazen Institute for Global Business will be hosting a two-day conference at Columbia University...

  • Abebe Selassie
    Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Drawing on the past,...

    6 November 2017

    Sub-Saharan Africa has enjoyed a sustained period of solid growth that has helped to improve living standards. In many countries, this performance was underpinned by sound...


Past events

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    Mobile money conference

    Mobile money is a potentially transformational innovation that offers low cost transfers, payments, and financial services that are increasingly popular in emerging economies where access to traditional banking services is sparse. Rapid adoption of mobile money holds out much promise, but its impact on financial inclusion and macroeconomic development are yet well...

    13 October 2017

  • Event

    IMF Annual Meetings seminar with Paul Collier

    The recent rise in sovereign debt vulnerabilities in many developing countries merits attention, especially in the context of a new creditor landscape and rising shares of domestic, non-concessional and collateralized debts. Key policy questions include: How can sovereigns increase their resilience to exogenous shocks? Can state-contingent debt help? What role can official...

    11 October 2017

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    Public lecture on the macroeconomics of the digital revolution

    The automation of robots and artificial intelligence is pretty well advanced in certain industries. The income now is shifting more and more to capital and away from workers, contributing to a general widening of inequality in the United States. Jeff Sachs argues that we need to pursue policies so that the coming generation of smart machines works for us and our well-being,...

    2 October 2017