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    Special Economic Zones: Can they create jobs and grow the economy?

    A special economic zone, or SEZ, can be defined as ‘a region within a country that has a different set of regulations designed to increase production’. SEZ’s have become a popular instrument to achieve certain developmental ends after the successes achieved in particular by Taiwan, Mauritius and China. Within otherwise fragile economic areas, in particular, they can...

    14 November 2019

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    Can Special Economic Zones drive growth in urbanising Africa?

    As urban population growth in Africa continues to surge, so too does unemployment, informality and the growing bulge of disgruntled youth. A staggering two-thirds of the investments in urban infrastructure required to support these populations by 2050, are yet to be made, or $93 billion per year. Special Economic Zones, or SEZ’s, have become a popular instrument to try...

    13 November 2019

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    Paths to urbanisation: Comparing the stories of Chinese and African cities

    China has generated some of the most impressive urbanisation stories the world has ever seen. Since the early 1980s, more than 300 million rural migrants have moved to Chinese cities, as opportunities in urban areas have driven economic modernisation that has lifted more than 680 million people out of poverty.  Some of the urbanisation challenges China faced nearly 40...

    29 October 2019