Twivwe Siwale

Twivwe Siwale is a Country Economist for the IGC in Zambia. She is a Commonwealth Scholar who holds an MSc in Public Economics from the University of York. She has over six years of experience in the field of public finance and management with an emphasis in taxation. Prior to joining the IGC, Twivwe worked at the Zambia Revenue Authority as a Policy and Legislation Officer where she worked on policy implementation in the Domestic Taxes Division. She is also a Mandela Washington Fellow who studied Public Management at the Andrew Young School of Public Policy in Atlanta, Georgia. Twivwe’s research interests lie in public sector reform, taxation, inequality, and artisanal and small scale mining in Africa.

Content by Twivwe Siwale
  • Project

    Exploring scalable, efficient innovations to improve tax compliance among MSMEs

    In Zambia, tax compliance rates are very low, especially among the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Concerns have been raised by some MSMEs that the current institutions, modes, and approaches employed in taxing MSMEs are outdated, costly, or otherwise cumbersome. The objective of this research project is to explore the possible barriers to and solutions for...

    25 Sep 2018 | Dan Pemstein, Brigitte Seim, Twivwe Siwale

  • Blog post

    Evidence-based tax policy: A policymaker’s perspective

    Collaborative research can play an important role in addressing the challenges that tax authorities in Africa face. IGC’s regional tax conference in Lusaka brought together tax authorities from several African countries to share their experiences and insights on using evidence in tax policy design and enforcement. Tax collection agencies across the world are facing...

    13 Aug 2018 | Twivwe Siwale