IGC Jordan engages with national and sub-national stakeholders for the co-generation of evidence based policy advice in the aim of promoting inclusive growth.



The IGC operates in Jordan through the IGC’s Responsive Policy Function. The programme engages with national and sub-national stakeholders to generate evidence-based policy advice.

IGC Jordan has funded several projects on topics including tax reform, informality, urban governance, land value capture, and local administration. IGC Jordan engages with key stakeholders, such as the Prime Minister’s Office, Greater Amman Municipality, and the Ministry of Local Administration. The programme, in partnership with the Cities that Work initiative, has also organised events and policy workshops in Amman on the areas of urban planning and municipal governance.

The Jordan team is supported by Moussa Saab, Policy Economist based at the IGC London Hub; Susan Razzaz, Senior Country Advisor based in Amman; and Sandra Hiari, Country Advisor also in Amman.