IGC Rwanda provides demand-led, frontier research to support sustainable and inclusive growth in Rwanda. Our current research focus is on domestic market integration into regional and global value chains, fostering of public sector effectiveness, and the response of the Rwandan economy to climate change.


Rwanda continues to build a resilient economy and grow at strong rates, but momentum around productivity, export growth, and poverty reduction has slowed. Since 2010, through close working relationships with the government, IGC Rwanda’s researchers have produced effective, evidence-based, and demand-led advice to policymakers, from ‘rapid response’ analyses of urgent policy questions, to multi-year nationwide surveys and experimental studies. Projects include providing recommendations around regional import tariffs, improving VAT compliance, and raising the value of coffee exports. Going forward, IGC Rwanda will work in areas including improving education service delivery, sustaining high export growth, promoting job creation, and expanding electricity access across the country. 

IGC Rwanda operates under Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with several key governmental stakeholders including the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN), which requests that we produce demand-driven research outputs that strengthen the evidence base for policymaking relevant to Rwanda’s long-run growth. The IGC in Rwanda has fostered close working relationships with MINECOFIN, the Office of the Presidency’s Strategy and Policy Unit, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the National Bank of Rwanda, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Rwanda Revenue Authority, and the Development Bank of Rwanda, amongst many other government partners. 

Going forward, IGC Rwanda will work in areas including climate change adaptation, mitigation, and financing; sustaining high export growth and the strengthening of domestic supply chains; promoting job creation; and expanding electricity access across the country.


P.O. Box 3004
Kigali, Rwanda

Email: [email protected] 
Twitter: @IGC_Rwanda

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